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New Mutant Of Delta Variant On The Rise

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The covid-19 pandemic has already started to take another shape in India. Although a major part of the population has been vaccinated till now, some new mutants are forming which might take a drastic shape. A new mutant of Delta variant of covid-19 has been found. It has been assessed in the United Kingdom and the variant has been found in India in very low numbers. This is a matter of concern as the pandemic has been brought under control in many of the countries. India has also reached the 100 crore vaccination mark, and the rise of a new variant can turn out to be worrisome.

Seven Cases Of Delta Variant Mutant Observed

Seven cases of the mutant of the Delta variant have been found in Indore. The sequencing report has already been released by the National Centre for Disease Control or NCDC. These samples had been collected in the month of September and two of them belong to the Army officers posted in the Mhow Cantonment. The health officer of Indore, Dr. BS Saitya had given this information to the press. 

It is not quite clear whether this mutant will lead to a greater rate of infection or not. There is a high level of uncertainty in the matter of the new variant. The new variant has been placed under investigation for now. The growth rate of this variant will be observed by the experts. This mutant variant has been a sharp reminder that the pandemic is not yet over.

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Variant Still Under Observation

The variant has been named Delta plus and it has mostly been found in the United Kingdom. The United States of America has not yet reported many cases related to the new mutant of Delta variant. Evidence is still emerging and it is to be seen whether the infection will be more severe in the case of this mutant or not. The effect of the vaccines deployed will also be tested by the agencies.

The new mutant of Delta Variant can prove to be a threat. Since no conclusion has been found till now, it is better to stay on the safe side. What is your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below!

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