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Supreme Court Finds The Building Of Supertech Twin Tower To Be Illegal

supertech twin tower
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It has been stated by the Supreme Court that the Supertech Twin Tower had been made without the proper permission from the authorities. The 40 story twin tower does not have the right gap between the structures, which has led to some severe questions on its construction. The rules for constructing such a building have been grossly violated and the court has stated that the structure has been built illegally. 

This case falls under the UP Apartment Act and the building has been designed without taking the consent of the flat owners. This is gross misconduct as any kind of issue with the twin towers can lead to severe accidents.

Complaints Against Supertech Twin Tower

The Supreme Court has observed that the flat owners of the Supertech Twin Towers should’ve declared their consent for this structure. Without the individual consent of each of the flat owners, the structure should not have been built.

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The common area between the towers has been reduced with the addition of a new number of flats in the tower. The flats have been increased from 600 to 1500. This can lead to some fatal accidents if something happens to the building. The undivided interest of each of the flat owners has been violated with the addition of new flats in the building.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the violations committed in the construction of the Supertech Twin Tower building? Do you think that they should have taken the views of the existing flat owners into consideration? Let us know your ideas on this issue in the comment section below.

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