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Aam Aadmi Party Grabs Win In The Chandigarh Polls

aap win chandigarh polls
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It has been a massive win for the Aam Aadmi Party when it won about 14 seats out of 25 municipal wards in the Chandigarh polls. This has also been a major loss for BJP which had won by a large margin in the last election. The Bharatiya Janata Party had collaborated with Akali Dal last time. It had won about 21 seats out of 26 seats in the elections, Congress has won 8 wards this time and Akali dal won 1. 

This has been a great victory for Kejriwal’s AAP in the nation. For the very first time, it has been able to perform against BJP outside Delhi and get a major win in the end in the Chandigarh poll.

BJP In The Wrong Terms In Chandigarh Polls

The ward number in the Chandigarh election had gone from 26 to 34 after delimitation. AAP now needs the support of 19 corporators in case they want to select the mayor. BJP requires 18 to support them as they had been in power in the previous terms. 

The two large names of AAP had come for the election propaganda. Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Maan had made brief appearances in the Chandigarh polls during this time. BJP had not gone for this strategy.

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Roping In Larger Leaders By BJP

BJP had roped in most of the major leaders for their win in the Chandigarh poll. It has been seen that BJP always tried to use the sentiment of the larger leaders in order to get the lower votes in the states as well. This turned tables when Chandigarh did not support this view. 

The state had focused on the developments made by AAP in Delhi and believed that these will be brought to the level of the corporation if they are elected. If AAP is able to set their mayor, it is expected that Chandigarh will see a lot of developmental works like Delhi.

AAP For The Win!

Chandigarh polls have been a very surprising and happy one for AAP. It is tough to defeat BJP in places where they had taken up the previous terms. Do you think that this can be continued in the other states as well? We are interested in your views!

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