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Covaxin For 6-12 Age Group Trials To Begin in AIIMS, Delhi

Covaxin for 6-12 age group
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  • The country has allowed trials for Covaxin for 6-12 age group from June 16th 
  • Only 70,421 cases were reported in the country as of last Sunday 
  • The third wave might consist of a delta Variant which will be dangerous for children under 12 years of age

As everyone eagerly awaited, trials of Covaxin for 6-12 age group will be commencing soon. It will be followed very closely by the age group of 2 to 6 years children. The registration for the larger age group, like 12 to 18 years, had already been done. They have received their first dose of Vaccine too. Each of these trials is taking place in AIIMS.

Why Is Covaxin For 6-12 Age Group Crucial?

India has embarked on the mass vaccination process to curb the rate of infection all around the country. The second wave of coronavirus has left the country in a battered state in terms of administration and medical facilities. Both of these indicate that we cannot afford such a huge surge of cases anytime soon. That is why the Government has been providing jabs free of cost to every Indian. 

It has been notified that the third wave of this virus might be more infectious towards children who are under the age of 12. Therefore, it is essential to bring up a preventive measure to protect the younger generation of the country from the disease. Covaxin shots might be one of the first inoculation measures provided to kids of 6-12 years of age from now onwards

Present Scenario Of Infection In India

Around 70,421 cases have been recorded in the country on Sunday. It is quite less in comparison to the values occurring over the last month. Tamil Nadu is one of the highest contributors to this number, with 14,016 cases on its plate on Sunday. It certainly gives more space to the clinical trial of Covaxin for 6-12 age group. The delta Variant is already proving to be very infectious for all age groups, and many people have already been affected by it. The country has also faced 3,936 deaths on the very same day, with about 2800 contributed by Maharashtra.

Is It Really Safe?

Most states have imposed a lockdown to control the overall effect of the pandemic. Do you think that the country should start vaccinating those who are under the age of 18? It is strongly believed that the Covaxin for 6-12 age group might be quite tricky to nail. Right now, the country has to wait to get completely vaccinated to start their work normally again!

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