Ram Temple Trust Accused Of Land Scam By Opposition

Ram Temple Trust Accused Of Land Scam By Opposition

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  • Ram Temple trust bought a plot for 18 crore INR which was priced at 2 crore INR. 
  • Opposition parties like AAP, INC, and Samajwadi Party have accused the Ram Temple Trust of committing a land scam.
  • Champat Rai, Trust secretary, has promised to release the transparent data.

It has been mentioned in many claims that the Ram Temple Trust is not paying the actual amount for a specific land plot in that area. The price has been inflated. Amidst these controversies, General secretary Champat Rai has asserted that the committee will be asked to be completely transparent in each of the dealings. Some of the local dealers of property and real estate have commented that the land has actually got a good deal for itself.

Word Of Local Dealers For Ram Temple Trust

It has been noted by some of the local dealers that the land plot which has been bought by the Ram Temple Trust in March is actually three times what it had been paid for. This 12,000 square meter plot has been bought by the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Kshetra Trust in Ayodhya.

Voice Of Opposition Against Land Scam

Samajwadi Party leader Pawan Pandey and Aam Aadmi Party MP Sanjay Singh have mentioned in separate meetings on Sunday that the Ram Temple Trust had bought the land for 18 crore INR whereas the actual price of the land had been only 2 crore INR. As a result, most of the opposition parties have latched onto the matter and asked for a CBI investigation in this case. The Trust is now facing charges of land scam.

Ram Temple Trust Accused Of Land Scam By Opposition
Ram Temple Trust Accused Of Land Scam By Opposition

Priyanka Gandhi has stated that the building of Ram Temple with such a huge cost has been an insult to the donations of people across the nation.

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The Actual Price Of The Land

The Ram Temple committee, on the other hand, has stated that the land has been bought at the best and most optimum prices. Champat Rai has announced in a meeting on Monday that they will be releasing all data which is related to the purchase of the land in Ayodhya for the Ram Temple. He has also stated that the Trust will go to any extent in order to expand the scope of the temple. It is to be noted that the committee has been assigned only for the building and construction responsibilities.

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Do You Think This Is Controversial?

What do you think about the Ram Temple Trust controversy? Is it good that a Temple is being built with so many controversies from the very beginning? Or is it a ploy to keep the majority votes in hand? Let us know!

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