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Illuminati Unknown Facts – The Most Popular Conspiracy Theory In History

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Illuminati – Historically the name refers to a Bavarian group of intellectuals, a secretly founded society of like-minded free thinkers established and founded on the 1st of May 1776 in Bavaria, a part of modern Germany. This article gives up some knowledge on the Illuminati unknown facts, its impact on the world, and the role it played in history.

The Top Illuminati Unknown Facts

1. Origin Of The Illuminati
Adam Weishaupt, founder of Illuminati

Illuminati a secret organization, was founded on May 1st, 1776 in Bavaria, a part of modern-day Germany. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati was a renowned philosopher and professor at the University of Ingolstadt. His secular and liberal thinking were the reasons that gave birth to the Illuminati group. He wanted to connect with like-minded thinkers.

2. Principles Of Illuminati

This group was composed of intellectual individuals and their main motive was to provide enlightenment. They wanted to promote logical thinking and knowledge. Illuminati was liberal and freed one from all sorts of religious restrictions. One of the top Illuminati unknown facts is that they believe in universal happiness and truth and grow social virtues.

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3. Membership Criteria Of Illuminati

The Illuminati consisted of a group of young, rich, and successful men. Women and Jews were not permitted entry into the Illuminati. Five men from the University of Ingolstadt attended this meeting. The members had to be well educated and wealthy, coming from strong and good family backgrounds. They had to be below 30 years of age. Conservative and rigid-minded thinkers were not permitted into the group. 

4. Levels Of Enlightenment In Illuminati 
owl of minerva

The Illuminati had three different levels of enlightenment a member could attain. These levels were Novices, Minervals, and Illuminated minervals. The symbol of the group was ‘The Owl Of Minerva’. Minerva is believed to be the Roman goddess of wisdom and the Owl of Minerva symbolizes profound intelligence. Thus, this symbol was used by the Illuminati and became the logo of the independent, intellectual, and rational thinkers. 

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5. The Closure And Exposure Of Illuminati

It is believed that the Illuminati had its presence for a little lesser than a decade i.e., it existed between 1776 up to 1785. The Illuminati was exposed and brought to light by one of its members itself. Joseph Utzschneider was responsible for the seizing of the Illuminati. He wrote a letter to the Duchess of Bavaria that led to the end of this organization. Further, the creation of any such groups was banned in the coming future and no such committee could operate without consent or authorization from the law. A death penalty would be announced if any individuals created such committees without being permitted or sanctioned by law. Thus this led to the termination of the Illuminati.

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6. More Beliefs About The Illuminati 
The French Revolution as Illuminati

Illuminati, though there are a dime a dozen of conspiracy theories that say the group is still very much active, alive, and is yet running. One of the Illuminati unknown facts is said to believe that Illuminati was the reason behind the French revolution too. It functions to prosper humanity and increase knowledge. 

The term Illuminati belongs to two different groups. The original Illuminati, founded more than two centuries ago aiming to bind rational thinkers and promote enlightenment and humanity that was terminated and dissolved. Illuminati, today is a myth related to the idea of a new world order, an alleged underground totalitarian global government that conspiracy theorists believe is controlling the world.

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7. World’s Biggest Stars A Part Of Illuminati 
celebs linked to illuminati

It is rumored that some of the world’s biggest and famous stars are linked with the Illuminati. There are many unknown Illuminati facts, myths, and beliefs. Beyonce, Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber, Niki Minaj, Madonna, Katy Perry; these world-famous stars are believed to be linked with the Illuminati. 

Some historical figures were also involved with the Illuminati. It is believed that they did so to promote humanity and to bind like-minded thinkers to ensure smooth functioning around the globe. Historical figures like Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt are believed to be affiliated with the Illuminati. 

8. Rumors About Illuminati Headquarters At Denver Airport 
illuminati headquarters Denver

The Denver International Airport has become the center of many Illuminati-related conspiracy theories. There are some myths that the airport is built above a secret Illuminati headquarter. The Illuminati headquarter lies underground beneath the airport, where it is believed that the world’s elite crowd will reside after the apocalypse. 

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Final Thoughts On Illuminati

There are many rumors, myths, and unknown facts about Illuminati. There are many conspiracies and theories about this. Do you feel world-renowned and highly recognized stars like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, etc. have a hand in the Illuminati? Could Illuminati still exist? 

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