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Meet With Russia Ends With Digs AT China From Rajnath Singh

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah has mentioned a dig at China while the meet with Russia. He has accused that Beijing has gone through unprovoked aggression during the pandemic measures. He has mentioned that India is looking for sensitive and responsive partners in any kind of collaboration. Militarization and expansion of the armament in the borders of India is extremely unwanted and unprovoked as well. 

The defence minister has mentioned that they are trying to get into a strategic partnership with Russia. This will be done in order to improve the state of affairs in the defence sector of the nation.

Digs At China’s Unprovoked Attack

Rajnath Singh has informed that he is very confident that India will be able to overcome the issues which are set up by China. India has realised in the meet with Russia that there will be strong political challenges which can be overcome with the partnership with the previous Soviet. 

India is presently looking for diplomatic relationships with the countries which can fulfil the demands of the nation. The framework into which India and Russia are entering will be related to the Inter-Governmental Commission on Military-Technical Cooperation. Defence challenges which are quite legitimate will be solved by the nation as well.

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Meet With Russia With Aims

Rajnath Singh has been very outspoken about the needs of India and its relationship with China recently. He has been very clear about the fact that India will never be going into negotiations with China after it has taken over the Ladakh borders of the nation. Moreover, the attacks which are mediated by the Chinese army are entirely unprovoked. 

The meet with Russia has elaborated on these points quite clearly. It is to be seen whether the defence contracts set up with Russia come to fruition or not in order to aid the development of the nation in the sector of armaments.

How Will It Help?

Do you think that the meet with Russia will bring any kind of change in the defence setup of the nation? We are interested to know your views in the comment section given below. 

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