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How Victoria Became Queen As Well As The First Empress Of India

How Victoria Became Queen
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Queen Alexandrina Victoria, the greatest monarch of British history, the first empress of India was the longest ruling British monarch. The British empire flourished and prospered under her rule like never before. Her reign defined the great achievements of Queen Victoria as the reign of succession, political diversity, military expansion, and industrial and scientific revolution. The sudden death of William IV, put forward the young 18-year-old Alexandrina Victoria to inherit the empire. That was how Victoria became queen of the British empire. Queen Victoria shared a deep history with India. It included the Munshi Abdul Karim and the Kohinoor diamond history. One of the amazing Queen Victoria facts also includes Hemophilia she passed on to her generations. 

Queen Alexandrina Victoria- History, Early Life

Queen Victoria, born Alexandrina Victoria, was born on the 24th of May, 1819, to Edward, Duke of Kent, and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg. She was the only daughter of her parents. She was fifth in the line of succession after her four uncles, including his father. 

After the death of Princess Charlotte of Wales, she was the legitimate grandchild of George III. After the death of George III, the throne was passed to William, and Victoria was made the heir presumptive with her mother as her regent. 

How Victoria Became Queen

Victoria had a very isolated childhood under a set of rules laid by her mother and controller, Sir John Conroy. Meeting new people was prohibited. She could only meet people who seem fit in the eyes of her mother and controller. She mostly completed her studies at home, tutored by private tutors. She was multilingual and a house of many talents. One of the great achievements of Queen Victoria includes her fluency in five different languages including French, German, Italian, Latin, and English. 

How Victoria Became Queen?

Being fifth in the line of succession for the throne, Alexandrina Victoria had minimal chances of accessing the throne. The four sons of George III, including Victoria’s father, had no legal heir which made Alexandrina the heir presumptive with her mother as her regent. King William wanted no regency as he distrusted Victoria’s mother. 

After a month Victoria’s 18th birthday, the sudden death of King William, Alexandrina Victoria was officially named the queen. One of the amazing Queen Victoria facts here was she withdrew her first name and only used Victoria. Since then Alexandrina has never mentioned it. This was how Victoria became queen. 

The earlier days of Queen Victoria’s reign were filled with troubles including her controlling mother, failed attempts of her assassination, decreasing and increasing popularity, and famines. Victoria was a queen but still unmarried, suffering from her mother’s interventions. To this, she was suggested by King Leopold to get married and put an end to her mother’s interventions. 

On feeling a mutual affection for each other, Queen Victoria proposed to Prince Albert. They got married on the 10th of February, 1840. Queen Victoria was deeply affectionate to her husband, Albert. She worked hard on improving relations with France and Ireland. This was one of the great achievements of Queen Victoria by being the first British monarch to visit France and Ireland. 

Queen Victoria – The First Empress Of India And Kohinoor Diamond History 

Under British Rule, the revolt of 1857 was finally dissolved and possession of the British was re-established. General elections were held in the Parliament in which a new title of the first Empress of India” was given to Queen Victoria. This made Queen Victoria the first empress of India. By the time Queen Victoria became quite popular in India. 

Even without setting a foot in India, she was very fond of the people because of which she appointed two Muslim waiters including Abdul Karim. Abdul Karim was soon promoted to Clerk as he taught Urdu to the Queen. She was very fond of showcasing prestige and power. The precious and infamous diamond, Kohinoor became the symbol of prestige. 

The First Empress Of India

After the death of Ranjit Singh, ruler of Punjab, who possessed Kohinoor, a treaty was signed forcefully which involved the giveaway of Kohinoor. In Kohinoor diamond history, it was the first time that it was just given away in a treaty.  Since then the Kohinoor has become a prominent part of the queen’s crown.

Queen Victoria Facts And Great Achievements 

  1. Queen Victoria was the first British royal to live at Buckingham Palace.
  2. She was a queen at the age of 18 years under the supervision of her mother.
  3. She was a born survivor, surviving multiple assassination attempts.
  4. She was the first to start the white wedding gown tradition and also the first to propose to her husband. 
  5. She was also popular for being the origin of the Royal disease which is Hemophilia.
  6. She was the longest-reigning monarch until Queen Elizabeth succeeded her. 

Final Words

Queen Victoria was well known for her dedication to her duties which she carried out till her death. After a long reign of 64 years, she was succeeded by her fourth son, Edward VII, on her death. 

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