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Delhi Government Restricts Discounts Provided By Liquor Shops In Delhi

Liquor Shops In Delhi
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In the condition of the COVID-19, the government of India has tried its best to bring a certain sense of control in the business of liquor. It has come to notice that liquor consumption in the case of Delhi inhabitants has increased quite a lot. As a result, the Delhi government has tried to impose some rules like discontinuing discounts on liquor elements. It is expected that the sudden increase in the price of liquor will lead to lesser consumption of alcohol in the national capital of the nation. It has come to the notice of the government that the retail shops had been providing way too many discounts on liquor. To exercise control over drinking, it is even more important to take these steps for liquor shops in Delhi.

Precautions About Pandemic

The Delhi government has announced that the pandemic is not yet over. It must not be assumed that just because everything is reopening all around the nation, things are back to normal. The Covid-19 pandemic is persisting all over the nation and the government must take the right steps to control the situation. The unhealthy practices which are promoted with the consumption of alcohol must also be stopped according to the Delhi government. 

Restrictions On Liquor Shops In Delhi

The liquor shops in Delhi are quite discouraged over this decision taken by the government. More than a 35% discount was provided by several licensed retail shops all over the national capital. This led to a concern about the mental and physiological health of the people of Delhi as well. 

The new excise policy which has been placed has disappointed many. It has been rumored that the decision of extreme discount had been taken to clear the stock by March to avoid the new excise policy of 2022. 

Will This Help?

What do you think about this restriction on the liquor shops in Delhi? Do you think that this will be able to control alcohol consumption in the national capital? What about your thoughts on the new excise policy? Pen down your ideas in the comment section below!

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