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Inequality Shown In Self-registration Of Covid Vaccine In 3rd Phase

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  • Covid vaccine registration started for the third phase of vaccination
  • Cowin Portal is already facing a large amount of criticism because of low-security measures 
  • Not every Indian is capable of getting self-registered in this portal. 

The Indian government has taken considerable measures to get registration done for the third phase of vaccination in India. The Cowin Portal or vaccine registration app like Umang is used for third-party applications for those who have not received the covid vaccine yet. It was, promised that the app will prove helpful for the third phase of vaccination. However, there have been reports that the public API can be tracked by the programmers and that the platform can be hacked quite easily. The process of registration and vaccination that are supposed to be automated can turn out to be manipulated by the hackers who can access the portal. 

Covid Vaccine Registration Process

Dr RS Sharma, the Cowin Chief, has stated that the booking of slots or the coronavirus vaccine appointment will not be possible for the ineligible people. There are some processes like OTP verification that will not be possible for those who are not tech-savvy. Thus, an inequity in the vaccination process is, created already. 

Some experts have also claimed that the public API data of the Cowin portal cannot be, used independently to automate the entire process of registration. Robotic process automation (ROA) must be initiated as well to regulate the registration process on this platform. The entire process requires a great deal of sophistication and resource that is usually not present in the hands of hackers. The registration process could turn out to be simple if the state devised better API data. At the moment, mass self-registration will be quite a difficult task to accomplish. 

Ethical Questions On The Vaccine Registration Process

The other experts have pointed their finger at the ethical requirements of this registration for the covid vaccine. People who are, adapted to technical aid can get the registration done easily. But, it is different for those who do not have a strong educational background in the technical field. 

What Is To Be Done?

Lacking basic know-how in the technical field can lead to problems in registration. The people of India who are allowed for this third phase of vaccination are huge in population. The website might not be strong enough to deal with so many cases at the moment. Moreover, the ethical questions are raising standards of such self-registration processes for the indispensable covid vaccine. 

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