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Women’s Marriage Age Increased In India By The Union Cabinet

woman marriage age india
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There have been questions about the age of the women certified for marriage in India. The legal age for getting married for women in India had been set at 18 years previously. The age of men was fixed at 21 years. In the new amendment in the winter parliament, the women’s marriage age is legally changed to 21 years. The motion will be passed very soon. 

The legislative amendment will be moved very soon. It is one of the decisions taken by the union cabinet in which the opposition leaders have also supported it. The union cabinet has informed that the decision has been taken in order to bring equality in the age of men and women certified for marriage. 

Women’s Marriage Age Increased For Empowerment

In the independence speech last year, Prime minister Narendra Modi had discussed the increment of the women’s marriage age. Although Smriti Irani has not made any comments on this matter, it is quite clear that the decision has been welcome in every part of the nation. 

The government has mentioned that they have talked about gender equality in most fields. In order to empower women in every field, the decision has been taken in order to increase the marriageable age for women. 

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Increased Age Helps In Equitywoman

The women’s marriage age must be increased due to several reasons. Increased marriage age of women in India can reduce the number of female foeticides and also increase the rate of education among women. There are times when young women are not able to pursue their education. With the help of the increased marriage age, the women of India will be able to get through the career that they want with facilitated help from the government. 

Will It Help?

Women’s marriage age is definitely one of the most important factors to be considered in India. Women are naturally oppressed in Indian society. The increment in the marriage age can help to increase the education quotient of the people as well. Do you think that this will help Indian women? Let us know in the comment section given below. 

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